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Our attorneys provide assistance through every step of the Probate process.

Hiring a probate attorney becomes necessary if a deceased individual’s assets do not pass through a Trust, joint ownership, or have the proper beneficiary designation. It is important to note that having a Last Will and Testament DOES NOT avoid the probate process. Probate requires the court’s involvement in the distribution of a decedent’s assets and can be very overwhelming for the individuals who have recently lost a loved one.

Through the proper preparation and preemptive estate planning documents, a deceased individual’s assets will not go through the probate court process.

However, when it is necessary, the team at Falco & Associates, P.C. is prepared to help you and your family. From filing the petition with the probate court to helping administer the estate, Falco & Associates, P.C. can provide you with a probate lawyer that will provide assistance through every step of the process.

Probate Attorney Massachusetts

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