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The Estate Administration process generally involves collecting information about the deceased person’s assets and debts and submitting required documents to the Probate Court.

Despite the common request for a Last Will and Testament from clients, the goal in most circumstances for clients is to avoid the need of ever having to use a Last Will and Testament as part of the administration of their estate by establishing a proper estate plan which includes the use of trusts.

In the event where a proper estate plan has not been executed by an individual, meaning that joint owners or pay on death beneficiaries are not named on assets and/or assets are not in trusts, then an individual’s Will must be filed with the Probate Court to be allowed by a judge.

If a Last Will and Testament was never executed, a state’s intestacy statute governs the distribution of estate assets (likely to next of kin). This can be an expensive and lengthy process taking up to a year or more. If a proper estate plan has not been executed by an individual prior to their death, the help of the Probate team at Falco & Associates, P.C. can prove to be invaluable in easing the administrative burden for your family during a time of emotional distress.

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